New UAS Management Solution From Juniper Unmanned

Sparrow is designed to simplify flight management and make it less time consuming.

one month and one week ago

Information Integration: Self-Driving Cars to Surveying

Whether it is self-driving cars or surveying, maps on record don’t always reflect physical reality. Roads are modified, renamed, closed for construction, etc., and in some cases it becomes relevant if there are potholes or other hazards awaiting vehicles. In a survey project, these physical realities can play a major role if a surveyor is engaged to help chart a route for a truck trying to access a remote mining site over difficult-to-navigate terrain, or even in a case where surveying activities are taking place on urban streets or at a construction site with unforeseen hazards.

Mary E. Shacklett
one month and one week ago

Geo Positions: Geospatial Veteran Talks Laser Scanning

Welcome to GeoDataPoint’s new Geo Positions segment, shining a spotlight on geospatial professionals of all specialties. The recurring Q&A aims to help readers learn from how others in the field do their jobs. This installment — the first ever — features Bryan Merritt, PSM, LS, corporate manager of geospatial services with Erdman Anthony.

Valerie King
about one month and 2 weeks ago

Topcon Announces New Geodetic Antenna

The new G5-A1 is a portable antenna with improved multipath mitigation.

one month and 2 weeks ago

Botlink Creates First Internet-Connected 3DR Solo Drone

The technology allows solo surveyors to capture, process and deliver imagery to the cloud in real time.

one month and 2 weeks ago

How Technical Is Too Technical?

I am often amazed when I hear in a first pitch how many points per second. A client really doesn’t care how many points per second any more than he cares how many points a traditional surveyor can shoot in an hour. The client is interested in an accurate deliverable and that is the power of static LiDAR for architecture and terrestrial mobile LiDAR scanning (TMLS) for transportation/civil. That’s all.

Michael R. Frecks, LS
one month and 3 weeks ago