Multispectral LiDAR: Deserts, Rivers, Forests, More

“Originally LiDAR was seen as a means of obtaining elevation data, but there is a growing interest among researchers in accurately mapping water/land interfaces and identifying species by spectral characteristics, which requires multiple laser wavelengths,” says Juan Carlos Fernandez Diaz, senior researcher at The National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM).

Linda Duffy
one month and 5 days ago

LizardTech Launches Express Server 9.5

Express Server helps users quickly access images from a variety of devices and connections.

one month and one week ago

GeoMobile Innovations Upgrades GeoBullseye for ArcPad

GeoBullseye is a 3D (XYZ) RTK GNSS solution for Esri workflows.

one month and one week ago

A Total Look: The Power of GIS, 3D BIM Together

From a cost and labor standpoint, the beauty of BIM has always been its noninvasiveness.  Architects and builders can see the electrical, plumbing, heating and cabling “bones” of structures in virtual renderings, and they can determine how to build around them with minimal disruption. Because BIM can plug into an assortment of other digital technologies, it also seems natural that to extend it to work with geospatial imagery and GIS in general.

Mary E. Shacklett
one month and 2 weeks ago

Is Linear LiDAR Still Relevant?

Much of the technology available to geospatial service providers today was completely unimaginable as little as 10 or even five years ago. That isn’t just my observation. It’s what I heard over and over again at the 2016 MAPPS Winter Conference in Las Vegas and the 2016 International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) in Denver.

Valerie King
one month and 2 weeks ago

Trimble Launches New MB-Two GNSS Module

Designed for unmanned, agriculture, automotive, marine and military system applications.

one month and 2 weeks ago