Experts Offer Technology Predictions for 2014

Experts with technology companies look back at 2013’s technological breakthroughs and offer insight into technologies and infrastructure changes they expect to see in 2014. The year promises to be a big one with new and developing technology, better public engagement and innovative building processes.

Benita Mehta 16 January 2014

Welcome 2014— Resolution Revolution

Well, 2013 is now gone and it is that time of year where we make resolutions for the new year, the new you, the new business, the new everything. We make these resolutions with all good intentions, whether we are clear of mind or maybe a little tipsy from the champagne.  I suggest you make this year a Revolution of Resolutions.

Bryan Merritt, LS/PSM, Leed Green Assoc. 08 January 2014

2013’s Most-Read Stories

GeoDataPoint looks back at 2013, highlighting the most popular stories of the year.

Benita Mehta 03 January 2014

Year in Review: BIM

Here's a look at some of 2013's biggest technology stories focused on BIM.

Benita Mehta 26 December 2013

How My First Job Shaped My Career

One experience from my first paid coaching job is still with me today. I learned how to stay on the sidelines as a leader, set expectations and let my team jump into the game rather than swooping in and bailing them out.

Bryan Merritt, LS/PSM, Leed Green Assoc. 19 December 2013

Future Tech to Watch: Extracting 3D Models from 2D Photos

Graduate research at an Israeli university may soon simplify model making with 3-Sweep, a new software project under development that is making it easy to create 3D models from a single 2D photograph.

Debbie Sniderman 19 December 2013