New Cloud-Based App From Hexagon Geospatial

M.App Chest released at HxGN Live Hong Kong.

2 months and 3 weeks ago

Airborne Aquifer Survey Maps Water’s Future For Municipalities

The point of a water well is, of course, to produce water, so the objective is always to place it in a spot where the aquifer is plentiful. With that in mind, an aquifer mapping project is being worked out in Sioux Falls, S.D., to paint a comprehensive picture of what lies below in the Big Sioux Aquifer. Over the course of four days in October, a cylindrical sensor was flown about 30 meters above the section of the aquifer that Sioux Falls has water rights to. It collected raw data about the physical characteristics of the subsurface, which will be handed over to USGS to process further into a comprehensive groundwater model for the city to refer to.

Valerie King
about 2 months and 4 weeks ago

The Hidden Costs Of Underground Utilities

The need for improved documentation for subsurface features will only continue to expand as the volume and complexity of our utilities increases along with the earth’s population. In the long run, carefully thought-out standards will reduce project costs and prevent damage and injuries, while utility specialists trained in all aspects of utility design will enhance the efficiency and safety of our systems.  

Linda Duffy
about 2 months and 4 weeks ago

When Managing Your Data Is An Overwhelming Task

The bottom line is, making a decision to outsource your data to an outside vendor like a cloud service does not mean that you can remove data management from your to-do list. Your clients are expecting you to be responsible for their data, and the ability of your firm to function depends upon the availability of the data, so data management is still a vital function that must stay within your firm. Those companies enjoying the greatest success with a public cloud data management strategy have found a way to combine in-house data management with the data management advantages that the cloud offers.

Mary E. Shacklett
about 2 months and 4 weeks ago

Leica GeoMoS Solutions Give Classic Geodetic Monitoring A Boost

GeoMos AnyData and GeoMos API use one software program to process and share data.

3 months and 3 hours ago

New TerraGo Edge 3.8 Gives Customers Best Of Both Worlds

Newly integrated REST API brings mobile data connection to any application.

3 months and 5 days ago