Geospatial Technology Used to Image the Human Eye

BroadSpot of San Francisco is developing a miniaturized camera to look at the inside of the retina. It turns out, the compact form factor technology for imaging the inside of a concave surface like an eye has a lot in common with what is used in the geospatial industry. Visual Intelligence of Houston sells a line of airborne image collection systems used for large area collection, stereo, and oblique and 3D modeling. The technology BroadSpot licensed is currently used to image very large areas in airborne digital cameras for spatial mapping, and until recently the only industry using this technology.

Debbie Sniderman 06 February 2014

Sensors Power Next-Generation Structural Health Monitoring

Sherborne Sensors’ Mike Baker examines how field-proven sensor technology lies at the heart of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) innovation.

Mike Baker 30 January 2014

The Next Disruptor: Changing the Business Landscape with Imaging Rovers

Visualization and measurement are key components of geospatial data. Imaging rovers reduce the cost of data acquisition while providing more information than ever before.

Chris Gibson 23 January 2014

USIBD Invites Professionals to Participate in New Cornerstone Report Survey

The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) has opened their latest survey to support the third Cornerstone Report. This third installment is focused on software. The survey applies to anyone associated with the industry of documenting buildings.

Benita Mehta 21 January 2014

Experts Offer Technology Predictions for 2014

Experts with technology companies look back at 2013’s technological breakthroughs and offer insight into technologies and infrastructure changes they expect to see in 2014. The year promises to be a big one with new and developing technology, better public engagement and innovative building processes.

Benita Mehta 16 January 2014

Welcome 2014— Resolution Revolution

Well, 2013 is now gone and it is that time of year where we make resolutions for the new year, the new you, the new business, the new everything. We make these resolutions with all good intentions, whether we are clear of mind or maybe a little tipsy from the champagne.  I suggest you make this year a Revolution of Resolutions.

Bryan Merritt, LS/PSM, Leed Green Assoc. 08 January 2014