Geospatial Highlights: Trimble Dimensions, NASA, Future of Drones

This week, the GeoDataPoint and POB team was in Las Vegas for Trimble Dimensions 2014. This year's event exceeded expectations with more than 4,000 attendees from around the world. Other items of interest include news from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, where a team is developing a next-generation 3D scanning LiDAR; an interesting interview from engadget about the future of drones with 3D Robotics' Colin Guinn; Dell's announcement on putting depth-sensing 3D cameras in more Android, Windows devices; and Time Magazine reveals "the best drone you can buy right now."

Benita Mehta
7 months and 3 weeks ago

The Cloud Rolls In: Cloud-based solutions bring new efficiency, opportunities

Cloud-based solutions bring new efficiency and opportunities to geospatial professionals.

In units of time, we’re not far removed from the world of paper and ink. But if we measure the distance using terms of productivity, flexibility and value, today’s geospatial business environment is light-years away from its former location.

We regard electronic data and communications as an essential for modern business. But these technologies are still young and growing. Not so long ago, typical project deliverables consisted of hardcopy drawings and reports. Even when using computer-aided data collection, processing and drafting, results often came as 2D drawings accompanied by written analyses. Over the years, clients and geospatial professionals recognized that the information contained in a 2D drawing could be put to work more quickly if it arrived as a computer file. As a result, many deliverables moved to electronic formats. CAD files, spreadsheets and reports have become the norm in most enterprises.

Chris Gibson
8 months and 2 days ago

The new fully integrated RiCOPTER UAV in flight

Check out this video on the RiCOPTER, a high-performance UAV that can be equipped with the RIEGL VUX-1 survey-grade LiDAR sensor to offer a fully integrated turnkey solution.

Benita Mehta
8 months and 2 days ago

UAS Best Practices: After You Buy

The second article in this two-part series shares George Southard’s insights about what to do after you have researched the various unmanned aerial systems (UAS) available today and bought a UAS that fits your needs. Southard, principal of GSKS Associates, closely follows all technical and regulatory developments related to UAS and gathers practical operating information directly from UAS users.

Linda Duffy
8 months and one week ago

Riegl flies UAV at Intergeo

Watch a video of Riegl flying a UAV at Intergeo 2014 in Berlin.

Benita Mehta
8 months and 2 weeks ago

Industrial Robotics Transforming Factory Automation

In a global economy, the future for manufacturers will be presiding over a network of factories producing different parts, subassemblies and final assemblies throughout the world—with the ability to trigger next step processes in plants that are half a world away, and run by robots and other automated instrumentation.

Mary Shacklett
8 months and 2 weeks ago