Watch Parrot Drones Put on a Show at AUVSI 2014

Parrot drones put on a show for the audience in the exhibit hall at AUVSI on May 13, 2014, in Orlando.

Benita Mehta 15 May 2014

Kentucky Highway Project Brings Video Games to Public Infrastructure Design

Most large construction projects use some kind of 3D modeling through their various stages—whether it’s CAD, BIM, photo simulations, or another technology. But sometimes finding a way for the project team and the public to fully grasp a design concept takes something a little more interactive in nature. In Kentucky, a recent highway interchange project brought this kind of animation to a new level, or at least a different one for traditional engineering.

Jennifer Caroland-Shaw and Chuck Lounsberry 08 May 2014

Accuracy of LiDAR Deliverables a Complex Concept

A client told me the other day that some vendors are promising vertical accuracy of LiDAR deliverables that exceed the LiDAR manufacturer specifications for that system and asked: Is it legitimate for a service provider to promise better accuracy than manufacturer specifications? Or, are service providers overselling their LiDAR services by promising high vertical accuracies?

Mike Tully 17 April 2014

Geospatial Highlights Week of 5/12

This week, read about how USGS used LiDAR to find clues to a 1872 quake that blocked Columbia River; Time magazine offers a detailed look at Google's LiDAR-powered self-driving car; and drones are being banned from some U.S. national parks.

Benita Mehta 15 May 2014

Geospatial Highlights Week of 5/5

This week, learn how archaeologists are employing drones, the most high-tech of tools, to discover and protect the most ancient of artifacts; read about surveyors who made a journey to the top of Europe's highest peak, Mont Blanc, to take the first ever 3D laser scan of the shape and volume of the mountain's ice cap; check out PBS' report on drones taking flight in Alaska to survey wildlife; and FAA administrator Michael Huerta talks to NPR about safety and privacy concerns with regulating drones.

Benita Mehta 08 May 2014

Matterport Discusses 3D Camera, Cloud-Based System

GeoDataPoint talks to Mike Beebe, COO of Matterport, about Matterport's new 3D camera at SPAR 2014 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Benita Mehta 08 May 2014