How To Succeed At Offensive Customer Service

Often times in our technology, keeping the advantage results in a closed system of information. That can be detrimental to your clients’ understanding of the process and, often, the request for deliverables. Learning how to manage project owner expectations is crucial to building a mutually beneficial venture. In order to address owner expectations, it is important to first understand how expectations are defined.

Michael R. Frecks, LS
one month and 2 weeks ago

New Undet Point Cloud Extension For Trimble SketchUp Pro

Undet software allows a variety of file types from different scanner vendors.

one month and 2 weeks ago

Tallysman Unveils New TW125B Wideband Inline Amplifier

Low-cost, rugged, quiet amplifier allows for long cable runs between receiver and antenna.

one month and 2 weeks ago

Sokkia Releases Two New CX Total Stations

Both additions to the CX series feature an enhanced reflectorless option.

about one month and 3 weeks ago

Septentrio Launches PolaRx5 GNSS For Challenging Applications

PolaRx5 boasts 544 hardware channels for GNSS tracking.

one month and 3 weeks ago

Leica Designs New ULTRA Locator For Utility Surveys

The new underground locating system helps trace buried utility lines accurately and efficiently.

about one month and 4 weeks ago