LiDAR Assumes Central Role In Forest Management

Forest management is a complex practice that involves the evaluation of forest stands, underlying ground cover, soil, the contours of the land itself and land survey mapping information. The centerpiece to forest management has always been the forest cruise. Increasingly, however, more forest management is being performed with the help of LiDAR technology.

Mary Shacklett
one month and 3 days ago


See the fully integrated RIEGL RiCOPTER UAV in flight.

Valerie King
one month and 3 days ago

What Is The Cost Of Inexperience?

Often times what seems like a good idea may actually add restraints to the overall goals of the company or even the profession. The intellectual property of your workforce is a guiding factor in a successful project and the most valuable asset a company can have.  First off, when considering buying a scanner, a company needs to recognize whether or not there is an adequate skilled workforce within the organization in which to maximize the investment.  Secondly, if there is a champion to head up the program.

Michael R. Frecks, LS
one month and one week ago

Driverless Trucks Take To The Highway — Slowly

A best practice for driverless trucks that most everyone agrees with is that these trucks can be productively used to haul extremely hazardous materials, or to gain access to difficult or dangerous terrain. It is a major reason why mining and oil and gas exploration companies are leading the way in driverless truck adoption.

Mary Shacklett
one month and one week ago

Will Land Surveying Take To The Cloud?

The ability to access surveying tools and maps by simply tapping into it from a mobile device or a laptop gives surveyors on-the-ground, real time information when they need it, and also gives them a place to store new survey data without having to worry about transporting their data to a physical facility. The survey information they gather can then be further integrated into other data or applications in the cloud, or ultimately integrated with survey data that is stored at the home office.

Mary Shacklett
2 months and 6 days ago

The Levels Of The Profession – What Level Are You At?

As I sit back, being a bit long in the tooth in my chosen profession, I have reflected on how my role has changed from when I entered into the craft. So for those of you that have been around long enough to know what “long in the tooth” means or for those that have your whole career before you, I offer you my levels of the profession.

Bryan Merritt
2 months and 2 weeks ago