Clients Expect Real-Time Geospatial Information

by Linda Duffy

about 2 years and 4 weeks ago

Tags business cloud energy geospatial gis photogrammetry

As consumer use of geospatial information has increased dramatically, businesses are asking the question, “Why don’t we have real-time information to support our decision making?” The answer is in the cloud.

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Linda Duffy

Linda Duffy is president of Apropos Research, an independent market research firm that provides market research and marketing communications services to the geospatial and remote sensing community.


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On January 07, 2013 Andrew Gaiennie wrote:

Your story is interesting, but I’d like some clarification. When you say real-time do you mean giving businesses instant access to relevant geo-data or that the data itself is updated in real time?

In my dealings with retailers, they always ask if they can get real time customer data from their stores and the best I can do is give them data 6 months old about their region. Are GSaaS firms going to give my clients the ability to track their own customers habits?

On January 14, 2013 Linda Duffy 1 wrote:

Although it is theoretically possible to deliver retail data via a GSaaS, the typical business cases at this time are more likely to involve utilities and engineering applications, not retail customer data. The following examples come to mind.
• A utility employee is in the field and makes a data update on a mobile device. This data is viewed in the office in real time and decisions are made that reflect the most current information.
• A project engineer changes the site for the construction of a new facility. The other team members working on the project have real time access to the new location because the engineer made the update using a website viewable by the entire team.

I hope that provides some clarification.

On November 21, 2013 Bolaji Roluga wrote:

Indeed realtime geospatial information is highly desirable to most clients. However, I must point out that it takes quite a lot of resources for upcoming companies requiring such geospatial data for informed decision making to access it. For instance for increased value, accessing realtime geospatial data has cost us quite a lot @ Bornessy Limited. Could you give ideas on cheaper sources of realtime geospatial data as this would help.