Improving the Spatial Data Platform (Video)

by Alexis Brumm

3 years and 10 months ago

Tagsbusiness, software, spatial data

Safe Software, along with a new partnership with Blue Marble Geographics, has recently made a lot of improvements to their FME spatial data transformation platform. What are some of the new improvements? How will it change the market in the long run? Safe Software’s Co-Founder Dale Lutz talked with GeoDataPoint’s Alexis Brumm at the Esri International User Conference in San Diego.


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On August 09, 2012 Martin Isenburg wrote:

Another way to add more LiDAR bang to ArcGIS 10.1 (and also versions 10.0 and 9.3) is the new LAStools LiDAR processing toolbox that features a number of popular tools, such as las2las - the “swiss army knife” of LAS processing - as well as lasinfo, lasview lasmerge, lastile, lasground, lasgrid, lasboundary, lasclassify, lascontrol, ... and many more. Just google for LAStools ...