Monumental Pangaea: GIS and Surveyors

by Michael R. Frecks, LS

2 years and 5 months ago

Tags esri gis software terrametrix

Early in my survey career, the popular definition of GIS among surveyors was “get it surveyed.” The accuracy of GIS simply wasn’t deemed high enough to be of interest. Boy did we miss the boat.

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Michael Frecks

Michael R. Frecks is president and CEO of Terrametrix LLC. He has extensive experience in high tech 3D laser scanning as both an innovator in the industry as well as a consultant and advisor.


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On August 09, 2012 Bruce Joffe wrote:

Good comments, Michael, and very well written!  I especially liked, “there was still a separation between the two groups of about 1,800 feet. The Survey Summit was a valuable resource held at the Hyatt in San Diego, while the user conference for GIS was hosted in the convention center down the street.”

Where will our “continents” be in 30 years?  In the Cloud, I imagine.  Unless, of course, our electric and telecommunication infrastructures suffer the same neglect as our roads, bridges, sewers, and water.  Then it may be “every man for himself, damn the need for government, corporations rule”