Why 3D is the Future of Feature Extraction

by Eric Andelin

about 2 years and 7 months ago

Tags 3d cardinal systems lidar modeling point clouds software

Ridley Scott’s "Prometheus", released on June 8, is the cutting edge of sci-fi VFX. But it also foreshadows a very real future for professionals who manage geospatial data.

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Eric Andelin

Eric Andelin CP, GISP, in involved in geospatial business development for SAM Inc. He has 25 years of experience in mapping. He is passionate about the use of mobile LiDAR as an acquisition tool for high-accuracy mapping.


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On August 19, 2013 Jameson Harrington wrote:

The 3d classification in VR is is still the best I have found for cleaning up LiDAR data; however, it still remains the buggiest, crash prone software I have ever used, bar none.