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Douglas D. Fisher is the managing editor of GeoDataPoint and POB. He has more than 15 years of publishing experience as a writer, editor and web content manager. Fisher holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and history from Central Michigan University and a master’s degree in history from Wayne State University. His latest book, “Border Crossings: The Detroit River Region in the War of 1812,” was published by the Detroit Historical Society in 2012.

Articles by Douglas D.

Precision Agriculture Yields Growth for Geospatial Companies

More farmers in the United States began turning to precision agriculture and other technological innovations to increase yields in the last five years. Those increased yields turned into increased profits, and those profits resulted in increased spending on additional geospatial tools.

about 2 years and 12 months ago

What is Mobile Scanning’s Impact on Oil Sands?

Chris Tucker was born in the oil patch. So were his brothers, his mom and his dad. He has lost count of the number of oil rigs on the farm he grew up on in Alberta, Canada. He has performed surveying work for Exxon in Chad and Cameroon. And he started his own surveying company focused, in part, on the oil and gas industry.

3 years and one week ago

Can Leica’s MultiStation Transform Geospatial Workflows?

With a sense of accomplishment and perhaps a tinge of relief, Juergen Mayer stood proudly in front of a jam-packed audience during a session of HxGN Live and explained how Leica Geosystems' new product could help transform the geospatial profession.

about 3 years and 3 weeks ago

5 Things Not to Miss at HxGN Live

Thinking of skipping Hexagon’s annual conference? Think again. Rebranded this year as HxGN Live, the four-day gala at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas promises to be better than ever.

3 years and one month ago

Is Online Education the Answer for Geospatial Professionals?

Although it seems inevitable that more colleges and universities will turn to online courses to educate geospatial professionals, at least one college is expanding its old-fashioned brick-and-mortar offerings to entice prospective students.

3 years and one month ago

Archaeologists Adopting 3D Animation Software and Other Geospatial Technologies

Technological innovations in the geospatial profession have been extraordinary in the last few years, so much so that other professions and industries have adopted its hardware and software to improve their own workflows. But it can be a bit surprising to learn that archaeology, a profession deeply rooted in the past, embraces such modernization.

about 3 years and 2 months ago

Significant Hurdles Toward UAS Integration Remain

Many geospatial professionals are excited about the prospects of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) integration into the national airspace in September 2015, and for good reason. In the past few months, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has called for UAV test site proposals, and experts have made bold predictions about the potential economic impact of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) on the United States.

3 years and 2 months ago

The Benefits of Mobile LiDAR in Transportation Projects

Mobile LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an emerging technology that not everyone understands. Even geomatics professionals sometimes have a hard time explaining what it is, and how it can be a benefit to the transportation industry.

3 years and 2 months ago

Machine Control and Data Collection Fuel Success for Carlson Software

Several key trends were evident at Carlson Software’s 30th Anniversary User Conference, including some reasons for the midsized company’s international growth.

3 years and 2 months ago

Experts See Tremendous Economic Opportunities in UAS Technology

The recently released report on the potential economic impact of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) on the United States was startling. If anything can make Congress and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) move faster toward integrating UAS into the national airspace, it would be dollars and jobs.

3 years and 2 months ago