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Michael Frecks, LS, is president and CEO of Terrametrix LLC and has 30 years of survey experience in the civil site topographic field along with nine years in the LiDAR industry as both an innovator and as a consultant/advisor for 3D laser scanning software development. He has extensive data collection experience and expertise in the transportation and architectural disciplines. As a professional land surveyor since 1992, Michael’s approach to data documentation combining GPS, 3D laser scanners and INS, makes his approach more accurate, safer, faster and cost efficient. His vast knowledge of scanner specifications, identifying software and hardware capabilities and how they interact with each other, beta testing of equipment and software, and his demand of high accuracy standards have advanced the evolution of acquiring as-built data documentation through 3D laser scanners.

Articles by Michael

How Technical Is Too Technical?

I am often amazed when I hear in a first pitch how many points per second. A client really doesn’t care how many points per second any more than he cares how many points a traditional surveyor can shoot in an hour. The client is interested in an accurate deliverable and that is the power of static LiDAR for architecture and terrestrial mobile LiDAR scanning (TMLS) for transportation/civil. That’s all.

3 months and 3 weeks ago

How To Succeed At Offensive Customer Service

Often times in our technology, keeping the advantage results in a closed system of information. That can be detrimental to your clients’ understanding of the process and, often, the request for deliverables. Learning how to manage project owner expectations is crucial to building a mutually beneficial venture. In order to address owner expectations, it is important to first understand how expectations are defined.

6 months and one week ago

What Is The Cost Of Inexperience?

Often times what seems like a good idea may actually add restraints to the overall goals of the company or even the profession. The intellectual property of your workforce is a guiding factor in a successful project and the most valuable asset a company can have.  First off, when considering buying a scanner, a company needs to recognize whether or not there is an adequate skilled workforce within the organization in which to maximize the investment.  Secondly, if there is a champion to head up the program.

10 months and 3 days ago

Perception - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

These days, the word drone is used to refer to just about any kind of remote-controlled, unmanned aircraft. That could mean a consumer-grade quadcopter or a slightly more advanced octocopter. But it has a negative connotation. It hasn’t helped any that many of these quadcopters in the hands of amateurs have caused further negative impact on a technology that has proven a valuable tool for commercial use. Regardless of size, the responsibility to fly safely applies equally to manned and unmanned aircraft operations.

one year and 2 weeks ago

Thumbing a Nose at Mother Nature: Survey at the Desktop

Mother Nature really pulled a joke on us this year. Up to 7 feet of snow blanketed parts of western New York, then flooding; Detroit already has seen its seasonal snowfall; Buffalo 8 feet of snow in one day; 80 percent of California is in either extreme or exceptional drought; lava flowing like molasses in Hawaii and in the Midwest where the temperature can swing in extremes of 100 degrees we do not welcome the frigid temperatures we have seen before Thanksgiving.

As a land surveyor in the Midwest we learn to acclimate to extreme weather, however according to Survival Magazine it is easier to acclimate to heat than it is to cold. Query any job description for a land surveyor and they all state “must be able to work in extreme weather conditions.” 

one year and 6 months ago

What is the Shelf Life of Data?

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The kids go back to school and the bounty of foods from our nation's farms come in from the fields. It also means report card performance and attention to freshness. When it comes to mining data of a dynamic world what is the shelf life?

one year and 10 months ago

Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Gold Medal Business Practices

Nothing relaxes me more than kicking back after work watching sports competition. So the 17 days of the XXII Olympic Winter Games was almost as good as a vacation. Now that the flame has been extinguished in Sochi I wonder what subliminal message about my business of 3D data documentation these 88 nations and 2,871 athletes provided me.

2 years and 3 months ago

Are You Working From the Wrong End of Data?

Trying to obtain survey-grade accuracy from GIS data is working from the wrong end of data. When it comes to GIS grade versus survey grade, why not collect the highest quality, most accurate, most complete information?

2 years and 9 months ago

An Essential Technology for the ‘Fix It First’ Policy

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama advocated a “fix-it-first” policy that prioritizes spending on repairing and maintaining existing infrastructure. That sounds promising, but how do we identify the areas that need to be repaired?

about 3 years and 4 months ago

How Safety is Driving Mobile LiDAR Forward

The Transportation Engineering and Safety Conference (TESC) at Penn State is shedding new light on the role of terrestrial mobile LiDAR scanning in transportation safety.

about 3 years and 7 months ago