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Zhong Chen

Zhong Chen is a professional engineer and land surveyor who founded Dynasty Group Inc., in 1994. With offices in Chicago, Ill., and Beijing, China, Dynasty Group has completed thousands of projects under his direction. These projects range from transportation to historic documentation. Zhong is a frequent presenter at Spar International and Hexagon conferences and is a principal of uGRIDD, a web-based service for georeferencing, manipulating and processing infrastructure data.

Articles by Zhong

The Key to Managing Digital Infrastructure Project Data

The management of digital infrastructure data for long-term utility has emerged as one of the pressing issues of our time. Fortunately, in the field of infrastructure and construction, there is an obvious and logical underpinning for all the many types of digital data created. 

3 years and 2 months ago

Who Owns Your Survey Data?

We may not necessarily be thinking about data ownership when we prepare our survey contracts, but one way or another it is addressed. In a digital age when projects routinely generate vast amounts of data that can be readily repurposed, the question of who owns the data becomes increasingly important.

3 years and 5 months ago

Why It’s Time to Consider Product-Based Surveying

Most surveyors and, more specifically, owners and managers of survey firms, would say that our work is project-based—that is, we tend to speak of the “Jones Boundary Survey” or the “Smith Construction As-Built” when we divide up our workdays. However, product-based business models may be more relevant given recent developments in survey deliverables.

3 years and 6 months ago

Who Should Perform As-Built Surveys?

Good as-built surveys have the potential to be incredibly valuable to the owners and operators of infrastructure facilities and to all stakeholders in large infrastructure projects. However, attaining quality as-built surveys isn’t always easy under the current system.

about 3 years and 8 months ago

How Surveyors Lose Out … and What They Can Do About It

Modern surveyors use some of the most progressive infrastructure technologies available to generate vast quantities of digital data. Ironically, this wealth of rich, useful, skillfully gathered information is somewhat inaccessible and invisible to many project stakeholders. What is the solution to this dilemma?

3 years and 9 months ago

The Coming Revolution in Digital Data Management

True digital data management that takes advantage of current technology hasn’t yet arrived. However, things are changing fast, and we will soon see data management that effectively serves all of a project’s stakeholders, at all phases of a project’s lifecycle.

about 3 years and 10 months ago